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Interview with Architect Brett Zamore

  • May 18, 2017
  • By admin
Interview with Architect Brett Zamore

An interview with architect Brett Zamore

Modern HTX recently met up with Houston architect Brett Zamore and talked about kit homes, prefabs and tiny house projects at his new Heights zFab office. Photo slideshow available below the interview!

Modern HTX: What is a zFab House?

Brett Zamore: zFab is a pre-fabricated house dwelling company that offers prefabricated dwelling units under 500 square feet.

Modern HTX: What is appealing to you about tiny houses?

Brett Zamore: A tiny home is a great solution for a guest house that shares an existing property or as a sustainable off-the-grid getaway. The goal is to provide a unique service model that quickly and efficiently manufactures high-quality, well-designed homes in a factory before delivering and installing on-site. This process minimizes cost and waste while increasing efficiency in delivery. A new way of thinking, for the design and environmentally conscious owner, about the construction and delivery of prefabricated dwelling/accessory units.

Click here to download a brochure.

Modern HTX: What are more specifics about this particular project in the Heights?

Brett Zamore: The tiny dwelling in the Houston Heights fits perfectly on the 2,500 square foot corner lot. The zFab 504’s strength is in its simple and functional interior which is critical to the success of a small space. The design is also offered as a 360 square foot option that can be prefabricated and shipped to your site. The challenge in Houston is the permitting process for those uncommon dwellings. To avoid those obstacles, this project was site built and connected to city utilities.

To learn more about Brett Zamore Predesigned Kit Homes, click here. To learn more about Brett Zamore Designs zFab Housing, click here.

Some key features about this project:

  • Predesigned prior to purchasing lot
  • Site built on a 2,500 square feet lot in the Houston Heights
  • Eco-friendly
  • Architect costs are reduced as it is predesigned
  • Material costs can controlled with choice of finishes
  • Use of locally manufactured and sourced products such as windows, doors, roofing, etc.
  • Responsibly sourced building materials
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Wired for future solar
  • Built in speakers
  • Local & native plants
  • Pier & beam foundation
  • Heights neighborhood wallpaper in bathroom
  • Wood frame construction
  • Recycled quartz countertops
  • Induction two burner stove top

About Brett Zamore Designs

Visit Bret Zamore Designs website by clicking here.

Brett Zamore Designs has gained national recognition for modern and sustainable architecture that is sensitive to its surrounding conditions while remaining mindful of the past, the present and the shifting, ever-changing world.

We believe in creating projects that involve a collaborative spirit with our clients, striving to employ the most efficient and productive methods to achieve their goals. Our mission is to produce unique and thoughtful design solutions through innovative and practical means.

Our services range from highly customized residential and commercial projects to pre-planned design packages in the form of zKits and zFab homes.

Brett Zamore
Brett Zamore, AIA, is a founding principal of brettZAMOREDESIGN which was established in 2007. He is a licensed architect in the State of Texas and LEED®AP. Brett holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in New Haven, CT and a Master of Architecture from Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, Texas. Brett’s previous experience was with Michael Maltzan Architecture in Los Angeles, CA and Carlos Jimenez Studio in Houston, TX where he worked primarily on Institutional and residential. Brett loves travel, skiing, music, good food and friends and spending time with his wife, 3 boys and Pup.

Check out the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you know?

There is no zoning in Houston and unrestricted land can be used for tiny home developments. The further away you are from the inner-city the more relaxed you’ll find building codes and permitting rules. In more residential areas there are certain exemptions when it comes to permitting in the city of Houston. Check out these loop holes below!

What type of work is exempt from a building permit?

The following are examples of work that is exempt from a building permit:

  • Cosmetic alterations to existing buildings such as paint, wallpaper and carpeting.
  • Exterior one-story detached storage buildings less than 120 square feet.
  • Fences below 8 feet high that are not constructed of masonry or concrete.
  • Repair of exterior wood facia, trim, and soffits to a one- or two-family dwelling, as well as siding that does not exceed 128 square feet and is not part of a fire-rated assembly.
  • Roof covering to a one- or two-family dwelling that does not exceed 100 square feet
  • Uncovered wood decks, accessory to a one- or two-family dwelling that are not more than 30 inches above grade.

However, you are encouraged to contact the Structural Inspection Section at 832.394.8840 before beginning any project to determine whether or not permits are required.

*Additional permits may be required if you plan on adding plumbing and electricity to your project. View this 2015 Houston Permitting Center slideshow about permitting for Tiny Houses. Modular building have their own codes and permitting rules too, click here to view. Because city building and permitting codes are always being updated, it is recommended to check with the Houston Permitting Center before starting your project.

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