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Tiny Houses & Backyard Studios

  • April 11, 2017
  • By admin
Tiny Houses & Backyard Studios

About tiny house living

Are you considering trading in all your square footage and a majority of your personal belongings to live a lighter and more simple lifestyle? Planning your layout is key to maximizing your space in a tiny home. You may have to let go of your full size appliances and bathroom amenities to accommodate for your smaller space but the trade off may be worth it to you. Saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Depending on your end use, this space can be great for a primary residence, a guest space or a backyard studio!

About the home studio

Versatility is key and we here at Modern HTX know that sometimes it’s more efficient to work from home. Whether you’re a painter, day trader, graphic designer, cake decorator and the list goes on. This can be one transitional space where you live and work or an additional tiny space designated for business.

 The ‘Tiny Studio’ design incorporates a more modern, open layout. The kitchen and dining area are on a raised platform on one end of the house. Under the platform there is a pull out bed that acts as seating when pushed in. The stairs to the platform also pull out to reveal a large amount of additional storage. In front of the platform there is a large living area as well as a closet with additional shelving. On the other end of the house there is a bathroom which includes a toilet and 36 inch shower. No space is wasted and that can be such a satisfying feeling!

Look through the slideshow below to gather your own inspiration and view the infographic below to fully wrap your head around tiny house living. Looking for floor plans? Check out this site!

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