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Super Bowl LI and Pre-Super Bowl Preformances Increase Real Estate Demand

  • December 18, 2016
  • By admin
Super Bowl LI and Pre-Super Bowl Preformances Increase Real Estate Demand

There has been quite a bit of excitement surrounding the 2017 Super Bowl LI that will be held in Houston on the 5th of February, along with the major artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift that will be preforming on the days leading up to the Super Bowl. A temporary night club, Club Nomadic, is in the process of being constructed in Sawyer Yards to house these performances and is expected to be completed in mid-January. The temporary structure for Club Nomadic is expected to hold over 9,000 guests and will be disassembled the day after the Super Bowl LI. Club Nomadic is just one of many venues within the Washington Avenue Arts District that will be hosting events and private parties.

With the Super Bowl LI and other major performances taking place during the beginning of February, many hotels are already fully booked, and demand for additional lodging has skyrocketed! Due to this overwhelming demand, residents in the area have begun to rent out their houses, turning to websites like Airbnb to list their homes and provide accommodations for those looking to attend these upcoming events. Prices on sites like Airbnb are approximately $4,000 a night for a 3 bedroom/ 3 bath townhouse in the First Ward near the location of Club Nomadic. So far, prices have gone up 39% in the last 2 weeks and are expected to climb as we get closer to February and once we know which teams will be playing in the Super Bowl LI.

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